Sexy Time

11 06 2011

Have you been to the Sex Museum in Amsterdam?  I recognize that Amsterdam’s Red Light District is basically one giant sex museum, but I’m talking about the actual Sex Museum.  If you’ve been to Amsterdam and didn’t go to the Sex Museum, shame on you.  If you haven’t been to Amsterdam, you need to go, particularly before this law gets passed.  And then you need to go to the Sex Museum.  A bit of advice before you go, however:  Don’t do what I did on one my and only visit. Read the rest of this entry »


In the beginning, there was Disneyland…

29 04 2011

Take a moment to soak in the extreme awesomeness of Underoos...

According to my mom, as a toddler, I was an exceptionally slow learner when it came to proper defecation technique.  But fortunately for me, my childhood recollections only extend back so far.  Thus, I am spared the psychic trauma stemming from countless potty training missions gone awry and the accompanying tragic loss of soiled Underoos (yes, I rocked Underoos as a child, that is, until I pooped them).  No, instead, my earliest memory of personal embarrassment takes me back to when I was around five years of age, shortly after my first trip to Disneyland.

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